vocals, guitars, synth / Ezekiel J Rudick
guitars, vocals / Tony Reyes
bass, synth, vocals / Bruce Reed
Drums / Nic Moen


Distant, somber, and often times, crushingly bleak—Young Elk's songs are deliberately painful. Each composition weaves a bitter tapestry of heartache and existentialism — all fueling narratives where each protagonist is incessantly nipping at the heels of all things irrevocably lost (love, faith, redemption, intimacy, familial harmony,etc). 

While driven by the dimly-lit songwriting of frontman Ezekiel J Rudick, Young Elk is not content to merely be labeled "a man and his band." The delicately arranged musical backdrop of Young Elk's sonic cannon features lush, reverb-laded drones of guitars and synthesizers backed by an impressively patient rhythm section that carefully crescendos from a low rumble to theatrical bombast— taking cues from influences ranging from indie rock icons Low, Grizzly Bear and Pedro the Lion to the cherished miners of the soul's darkest tunnels, Angels of Light, Nick Cave and Mark Lanegan. 

Since the band's birth in 2015, Young Elk has had a prolific run of releases with two 7-inch EPs, an LP, and are already hard at work on their follow-up to 2016's The Dark Side of the Holy Ghost, due out in the summer of 2019 on Portland-based vinyl/cassette imprint Holiday Breath Records.